Sunday, November 19, 2006

Remote Inquiry [A 60-second play in four acts]

[Telephone Rings]

Jennifer: [On phone] Hello?
Yolanda: Jeni. Can you ask Julia where she left the remote?

Jennifer: [Covers mouthpiece] Julia! [Walking downstairs] Julia!
Julia: What?
Jennifer: Abuela wants to know where you put the remote control.
Julia: What remote control?

Alex: I know where it is.
Jennifer: [Looks at him expectantly]
Alex: [Holds out hand impatiently for phone]
Alex: [On phone] Mamá, I put it on top of the... [walks out of room, still talking on phone]

Robin: [Runs into room from other direction] Papi, papi, I took the remote!
Robin: [On phone] Hi Abuela. I took the remote off of the...


Love Bears All Things November 19, 2006 6:46 PM  

Jennifer, I just found your blog. Having just returned from Costa Rica this week, I thought it was neat. Please tell more about why you're there and where you're from in the states.

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