Thursday, November 23, 2006

Oh, Boo Hoo

It's cold in Costa Rica this week.

Last night the human-interest news show Alex was watching did a segment on what they tried to call a little fashion trend in scarves and gloves. They had shots of people walking around with hoodies and scarves and things. It lost a little of its impact when one of their examples was a tank-topped mom adjusting the knit hats & scarves on her two little kids. But still.

I was glad to hear it, because I was really cold yesterday. I usually put on a flannel shirt in the evening, but I finally went to the closet and topped that off with fleece. It's really windy outside, which of course makes it feel colder, but all the windows were shut and I don't think wind chill can actually lower the temperature inside a house.

I felt like such a wimp until I heard on the radio this morning that yesterday they did have the lowest November temperatures of the past 11 years. So that's something. It went down to 12 degrees Celsius in San Jose which, since 0 is freezing, must be pretty cold, right? Umm. Yeah. I just checked. 12 Celsius is 54 Fahrenheit.

I'll be shutting up now.


Dad November 23, 2006 2:55 PM  

54 degrees F in San Jose is impressive because of the fact that you are some 1,200 feet higher in elevation than San Jose, and I know that (at least in the daytime with sunshine) it's always warmer in San Jose than at your house. So it must have been FREEZING up there!

The lowest I saw it (early in the morning) at your house earlier this month was around 57.

Does that indoor-outdoor thermometer register highest and lowest temperatures recorded? Ours does, so it might be worth checking.

lisa November 23, 2006 4:09 PM  

I think wind chill can lower the temperature in the house, because I noticed that I can actually feel a draft at a window when it's really windy out, whereas normally it just feels cool. That is, assuming your house isn't perfectly airtight.

meredith November 24, 2006 3:55 AM  

It's 11°C in the south of France this morning, and I'm cold, too. I talked to my sister in Minnesota last night who said that it was so nice and warm, 55°F, that they went for a long walk after lunch.

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