Monday, November 06, 2006

Oh, all right. FINE.

Have a post with some substance to it, see if I care.

I've never been actually, personally tagged for a meme before, so Erin is to blame. (Also, I've finally added her to my sidebar, so stop by and say Hi if you're so inclined.)

(Also, she posted this last Friday, but I only just read it today. [Just for the record, the fact that I've posted this immediately upon being tagged in no way constitutes a commitment to respond as quickly to any future tagging that may occur.])

I've seen this meme elsewhere, but have no idea where it originated, nor do I have any inclination to research it. So there's not much more to say about that.

Oh, except that I seem to have applied a creative interpretation of the phrase "One book."

And, too, I've worked very hard to include little thumbnail pictures of the book covers, but they're not showing up at all in the preview pane, so let's just hope they show up in the post. If not, please blame Amazon.

Right. On with it:

  • One book that changed your life
    Conversations With God, Books 1, 2 and 3

  • One book that you've read more than once
    The Hitchhikers' Trilogy by Douglas Adams

    Also, the All Creatures Great and Small series by James Herriot

    Also, most anything by Barbara Kingsolver

  • One book you’d want on a deserted island
    The Earth's Children series by Jean M. Auel, for several reasons. First, they're loooong. Second, they're good. And third, you have the handy bonus of painstakingly documented nature survival skills, an undeniable plus for the deserted island dweller.

  • One book that made you laugh
    Eats, Shoots & Leaves. That would be the bestselling reference book about punctuation. Yes, really. (And thanks, Mom.)

  • One book that made you cry
    Oh, for heaven's sake. Pretty much any novel that puts its mind to it.

  • One book you wish you'd written
    I never thought of it in those terms, but I guess Herb 'n Lorna would be a nice one to have written. Quirky. Funny. Lovable characters.

  • One book you wish had never been written
    Uh, sorry. Can't help you there.

  • One book you’re currently reading
    I am, nearly always, a one-book-at-a-timer, so there's only one answer to this question at any given time. Living in a Spanish speaking country and strongly preferring to do my reading in English, I stock up on novels at bazaars, and also at my friend Rita's house, since she has cottages for rent and keeps a take-one/leave-one bookshelf. So, although my supply of books is neither broad nor steady, I usually do OK.

    Currently riding around in my backpack is Goodnight, Nebraska. It's pretty good, but in the current chapter, seven rednecks have just set out to go hunting together. There's plenty of alcohol and each of the men has either been wronged by one or more of the others, or thinks he has. So I'm a little worried about what may happen next.

  • One book you’ve been meaning to read
    Per the above, anything I can get my hands on that is: a) In English and b) Better than The Legend Makers by Catherine Lanigan. This does not narrow the playing field to any significant degree.


Dad November 07, 2006 5:17 AM  

Not related to books, but where is A Day in the Life????

Yesterday being the 6th, I anxiously logged on this morning so I could see what kind of routine I'll be stepping into tomorrow afternoon when I clear customs and immigration!


mom November 08, 2006 11:31 PM  

Book lovers, wanna help? I love this post and will find time to list my answers one of these days.

What have you read that is a good read and also offers a fresh perspective or a glimpse of someone else's world?

My 270+ college students were offered the opportunity for extra credit by reading a book and giving me a reaction to it (not a book report) in 500-800 words.

I gave a list of books to choose from that is way too short - I wanted only hand-picked books that I'd read and liked. But I need to expand and would love suggestions.

To give you a sampling - these are a few of the books on the list:

Blood Done Sign My Name - Tyson
Confederates in the Attic - Horowitz
The Glass Castle - Walls
The Working Poor - Shipler
Nickel and Dimed - Ehrenreich
The Tulip and the Pope - Larsen
Black Ice - Cary

The Kite Runner - Hosseini
When the Emperor Was Divine - Otsuka
Snow Falling on Cedars - Guterson
Saving Fish from Drowning - Amy Tan
A Thousand Acres - Smiley
Prodigal Summer - Kingsolver

So, readers, what do you recommend?

Anonymous November 09, 2006 4:45 PM  

Great post! The images didn't come up for me, either.

Thanks for adding me to your sidebar, too! :)

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