Thursday, May 07, 2009

What's the name of that puppet again?

I like Ellen DeGeneres as much as the next blogger, and I actually think the photo on this post at Shakesville is a very nice one.

But sometimes a nice picture of someone can also remind you of something else, and that one makes me think of...what's that puppet's name???

The crotchety old woman with the hard-drinker's nose, who lived near King Friday's castle in the Neighborhood of Make Believe, on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. The one with the Boomerang Toomerang Soomerang.

First I thought I was thinking of the queen, but that's Queen Sarah. Then I went to Lady Aberlin, but she's one of the human actors. Henrietta Pussycat, no. And the rest of the ones I remember are boys: King Friday, Daniel Tiger, X the Owl.

What the heck was that puppet called?

* Breaks down & looks it up *

The outspoken, cranky schemer who took over the Museum-Go-Round after the Froggs moved; often known to say "Okay, toots." She is generally the antagonist when a storyline calls for one, but her neighbors are quick to forgive her because they understand her so well. It is discerned during the series that she has low self-esteem and is extremely self-conscious, and because of this, her neighbors are extremely patient with her until she finally learns her lesson. Despite her own faults, she consistently shows King Friday when he is wrong about something and frequently goes to extremes (such as physically moving her museum or modifying a comet) to do so.

Ah, yes. That was her.


Jennifer May 07, 2009 9:01 PM  

Lady Elaine Fairchilde.

I was going to link to a photo, but my connection went south and it was taking too long to load the search results and find a good one.

You can Google Image Search her here.

The Cunning Runt May 07, 2009 9:22 PM  

Ah, Lady Elaine. We all know our Lady Elaines.

That show was brilliant, and a tremendous service to its audience.

My brother, who never had children, regularly watched it for Johnny Costa's music, which was improvised live daily with astonishing effect.

I miss those guys.

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