Sunday, May 24, 2009

Busy weekend

We've* cooked in and eaten out, rearranged furniture and assembled shelving, gone out to the movies and watched Shakespeare and slapstick on the couch, taken care of business and goofed off, gone out with friends and spent time at home.

Now there's chili and brownies for lunch tomorrow, my bed is finally turned the way I want it, and I have a roomier-looking bedroom as a result of it. It's also neater (looking) because, while I didn't actually organize any of the stuff that had been piled in my room since the shelving imploded, I did at least tidy it away under the bed for safekeeping.

I also unpacked the children's books, which I reacquired at the same time that I reacquired the cat. Fortunately, they came with shelving, which we** set up downstairs to hold my books, making room on the upstairs shelves for the girls' books. I'm amazed at how many there are; dozens and dozens of them in at least six languages and on every topic imaginable.

The cat followed us upstairs today, poked around the house for a minute or two, then retired back down to her couch, satisfied.

The parrot is happy to be out of her cage for a while, and is sitting in my lap being as sexy as she knows how, bless her little green heart.

* Where the "we" in the cooking part was, to be honest, mostly Bob.
** There's that "we" again. See above.

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