Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Guess so

She climbed up on her own initiative, and sat there quite happily for probably 20 minutes or so as we watched The American President last night. She didn't even complain when I stepped away from her side to get the camera.


The Cunning Runt May 05, 2009 9:49 PM  

That's pretty cool. I find big birds amazing.

The parrot looks impressed, too.

Brave Sir Robin May 06, 2009 7:29 AM  

Tried like hell to come up with an "eying his almonds" punchline. . . . . . . .leaving in shame . . . .

Jennifer May 06, 2009 8:03 AM  

That's why I said almonds instead of peanuts in the previous post, man.

Dusty May 06, 2009 10:04 AM  

Aww..I love Amazon Parrots. They are so smart and very friendly..usually. They are nosy as hell too! ;)

Bob looks a little...what is the word? ;)

Lisa May 08, 2009 8:12 PM  

I am shocked by the innuendo. Or is it me who has the dirty mind?

Lisa May 08, 2009 8:12 PM  

I mean, I just wanted to comment on the dirty bird.

Lisa May 08, 2009 8:12 PM  

I mean the purty bird.

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