Sunday, May 10, 2009

If I were the type to feel old this'd probably do it.

It was actually a very Enjoyable Event. It was a potluck/musical gathering, centering on several members of Harmony Roads ("The oldest Gringo band in Costa Rica") and whoever else brought or picked up an instrument to join them.

I only actually knew two people there, in addition to having met the hosts at some point along the line, but not so's any of us particularly knew each other. But I knew people in common with everyone, and we were welcomed kindly.

The two I knew were both translators from my second Costa Rican job. I was standing next to one of them for a few minutes before she and the person she was talking to turned to introduce themselves, and once we'd each said our names, we double-took each other and realized who we both were, and proceeded to hug and catch up.

We met when I was hired to cover her maternity leave at the news agency, where we both worked as translators for a time. She had her son with her at the party. He was wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and a leather jacket, and taking his turn on the drums whenever the band member would let him have a turn. Doing a fine job of it too, especially on the Hendrix.


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