Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The wages of sin ridding oneself of burdensome spare change

So, the guy who collects donations for his rehab organization at that one intersection in Belen, and who said people who give regularly deserve an incentive, and that his way of offering an incentive was to give out a DVD, and to whom I said I like comedies, was there today.

There's no telling what you'll get when you give a complete stranger an entire genre and then just wait to see what transpires.

I've become more sensitive to the tone and content of movies (and TV and news articles and...well, you see where I'm going here), and wondered if I'd get a misogyfest or something that I would in some other way object to. Even if so, and despite the likely not completely legal provenance of the goods, I did appreciate the overall gesture and was looking forward to seeing what came of it.

And today, this is what came of it. He had asked, and I had told him, that Spanish was fine, but in the end he went with an English language (with Spanish subtitles) environmental film put out by the BBC. Could there have been a better choice? I'm thinking not.

Bob's reaction: "You had me at BBC."

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