Friday, May 01, 2009

See, that's the thing about expectations

Sorry 'bout the "Expect photos!" - Seems my camera had different expectations, most of which involved me inserting a memory card into the expansion slot, upon which to save the photos. I think the camera has a bit of internal memory, but the reason the card was out of the slot in the first place was because the camera/computer cable doesn't work anymore, so the only way to get the pics off the camera is by putting the card in the card reader. So, not so much with the saving pics to the internal memory.


We did go, and had a nice time. The place was pretty crowded, but Bob stayed home sick, so we weren't trying to do the whole barbecue thing, but just made sandwiches. That means we didn't need to worry about getting one of the picnic shelters, but just hiked around the trails for the first hour, then settled down on the grass near the playground.

We ran into a friend of Julia's, and I had picked up a ball and a plastic badminton set at the store on the way up. Robin and I played sittingdownball and Julia and Missi played allovertheplaceball and after a few hours we came home, the end.


The Cunning Runt May 02, 2009 8:36 PM  

Geez Bob, you got the Piggly-Wigglies?

Sure hope not.


Jen, a summary that succinct could land you a job writing for the Rocky and Bullwinkle show!

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