Friday, May 30, 2008

Post-Blogging: Oh. Wow. Whole different kind of "Sigh"

(This post is backdated because I finished moving all my stuff yesterday and by the end of it, I simply didn´t have the energy to get back in the car and come over to the Internet cafe...)

So the "car trouble" wasn´t really car trouble at all.

How did I feel when I realized that I had engaged the damn anti-theft device when I parked the car, and that´s why it wouldn´t start?

Well, I was embarassed and a bit aghast at myself. And then I figured, well, if you´re going to do something stupid, it may as well give your friends a laugh, so I guess I´ll make it into a post.

But that´s not what I mean by a whole different kind of "Sigh."

Turns out that, as of Sunday, the car I´ve been using has been sold, so I find myself suddenly in the market for a vehicle.

So once again I say,



Anonymous May 31, 2008 3:58 PM  

I am NOT laughing. Nope. I am NOT.

Thank goodness for embarrassing moments. They are perfect blog fodder.

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