Thursday, May 01, 2008

Open Letter

Dear Person Who Has Been Spamming My Business Website,

Thank you for your kind consideration. I appreciate the dedication you have displayed in filling out my "Contact Us" form approximately once an hour (business hours) over the past two days. However, I wonder if you are aware that a business "Contact Us" form is generally received by a single individual; in this case, myself, and does not, say, get posted to the Internet or broadcast to any sort of mailing list.

I would further like to point out that, happily, I do not happen to suffer from the infirmity you purport to cure, and I am, regrettably, disinclined to click on the inviting "hemorrhoids cure" photo links that you so painstakingly include in each missive. Please be assured that this is only because the link syntax appears to be incorrect and I can't abide the thought of clicking and then failing to see photographic evidence that feelings are, in fact, "sweet and tender."

Respectfully yours,
The Costa Rica Quilt Retreat Webmaster

Updated to add:

PS - The fortune cookie sayings are a lovely touch. And the most recent sentiment, "Your sense of humor reveals itself at just the right times!" is most appreciated. Still and all? We're done here. Stop wasting my form quota for the month.


pidomon May 01, 2008 7:53 PM  

thought i was spamming some one else

sorry :)


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