Saturday, January 24, 2009

What, do they import the stereotypes along with the brand names? And how is CAFTA going to affect this?

I wonder what it is about our local combination Burger King/Papa John's.

Most anywhere I normally go with my kids, the girls blend in and I guess I stick out a little to anyone who's paying attention. And of course even those who aren't really looking still notice that we're speaking English, if they happen to hear us talking to each other.

Sometimes people ask me if the girls speak Spanish.

But for some reason, at the Burger King/Papa John's play place, people seem to skip the asking step and go straight for the assumptions, telling their own children, "that little girl doesn't understand you," and leaving me to clarify, yet again - this time on behalf of the other kid - "Yes, actually. She totally does."


"Really really."


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