Friday, January 30, 2009

The Denouement of My Complaint

...That was a very good phrase that I came up with today.

Sadly, my complaint is nowhere near being finished, so this is probably not the denouement of it.

Silly me, calling the shop twice yesterday and at noon today, and believing them all three times when they said the car would be ready at 3:00. Huge thanks to my boss, who drove me all the way to the shop after work, saving me at least two hours on buses and probably half a mile or more of walking.

Fewer thanks to the mechanic guy who showed me the part that's still broken, and explained how heroic he was for not letting his minions put the broken part back in my transmission, but demanding that they obtain a fixéd one and install it instead.

Silly minions, not calling me to let me know.


I hope it really is broken, and not just a story to make the mechanic look good for not having my car ready when he said he would. Because if it's really broken and they fix it, maybe my car will run right.


See? This is so not a denouement.


pidomon January 31, 2009 8:21 AM  

silly minions trix are for kids!

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