Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I bet they were sitting on their sunglasses the whole time

So, I'm a fairly considerate driver.

I know you're shocked.

Especially at certain intersections, I tend to stop and let some or all of the left-turning folk get on with their lives. People do the same for me, and the little thank-you waves or beeps or ... actually, Costa Ricans have at least four different ways of thanking people who are generous drivers ... are a nice little bonus.

The road I take home from work has that most un-Costa Rican of features, the turn-only lane. It actually works relatively well, considering it's such a rarity here. It does get used, of course, as a passing lane and, sometimes, as a skip-the-traffic-jam lane. But a lot less than you'd think; it's usually available when one needs to turn left. But that's not what I came to tell you about.

I came to talk about karma.

Today I paused at one of those intersections to let four or five folks in the oncoming turn-only lane cross my path, per their stated intention. There were a couple of late-arriving cars still hoping to make it across before my generosity expired, when a big new SUV came riding up in the turn-only lane to my left, pulled in front of me and cut off the remaining left turners.

I'm sure it was the purest of coincidences that I was listening to Bad Karma at the time.

(The first big grey button at the link will get you your very own helping of Bad Karma, should you be so inclined.)


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