Friday, January 02, 2009

Updates various, updates sundry

Got my Magic Jack all set up today, so now when I get home I can pick up a phone (Hmmm. Guess I'd better get a phone...) and, through the magic of the Internet, have a US dial tone on the other end of it and free unlimited calling to the US & Canada. My friends can call me by dialing a North Carolina number, and my phone (should I in fact obtain one) will ring in Costa Rica. That's technology I can get behind.

Also, we saw John Edwards at the post office this afternoon, and restrained ourselves with difficulty from yelling out, "Melissa McEwan" and seeing if he looked around.

And, it seems the DMV computers are extremely anal and will not process renewal of a driver's license that is more than six months from its expiration date. Even if "more than" means, as in my case, a mere 12 hours. Ah, me.

Kay. Time for chili.


Anonymous January 02, 2009 10:16 PM  

No way!!!!!!!!

And you didn't holler out "nice legs?" either?

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