Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Kinks Moment

No, not kinky. Kinks.

There's a song in my head and it is this:

Lyrics for those with slow connections.

Video for the lucky ones:

What Mr. Davies is telling us here is that Alex kept asking me how I was doing today. I noticed, but didn't really think anything of it until he asked if I "had a minute" while we were both sitting quietly on the couch drinking coffee.

Seems he's been corresponding for the past couple of days with a manager at a company that "use[s] sound waves to image the subsurface of the earth for the purpose of locating hydrocarbon reservoirs." In, needless to say, quite a few countries worldwide, none of which are Costa Rica.

The conditions & salary seem worth considering and he is, as always, intrigued by the opportunity for new experiences and professional development. I'm a little concerned about the "hydrocarbon reservoirs" they're so keen on "locating."

For my newer readers, see this pair of posts for, if not context, at least an inkling of why I have that Kinks song in my head.


theotherbear October 26, 2007 6:45 AM  

Good luck with the decision making.

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