Sunday, November 11, 2007

Preblogging for Sunday

Now that everyone's rested up, we'll go out and do some sightseeing. Today we take them up to the Poas Volcano, hopefully arriving before the clouds roll in and block the view.

It's about an hour away, and when the clouds aren't covering it, you can walk right up to the crater's edge and look down into it. There's a lake in the crater that's normally turquoise blue or algae green, but it's probably pretty much white right now, since all the recent rain will have stirred up the mud.

It's a stunning sight, but doesn't take long to see, so after that we'll go on back down the mountain and visit the La Paz Waterfall Garden. This is a private park that is very well run, offering an enormous butterfly observatory, a brand new aviary, monkeys, a hummingbird garden, small snake and frog houses (I'll be thinking of <B>you</B>, Pidomon!), an old-fashioned homestead, and a trail to a series of waterfalls.

We'll see all of those things, or as many as each of the ladies would like to see (some forgo the hike, and many are happy to give the snakes a wide berth!). We'll also have lunch there, then return to Rita's place for a chicken dinner.


Dad November 11, 2007 6:56 AM  

Oh well, obsessing or not, we're making progress. I've got the font right; tomorrow we'll play with the type size!

pidomon November 11, 2007 6:52 PM  

It's all bold for me and the bold seems to have taken over the whole post

But a post is a post so Jen is still in the NaBlo running! :)

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