Sunday, January 17, 2010


We made cinnamon apple scone roll-ups, watched Underdog and I cleaned out all the long hair (and a little yarn) that had rolled up into the five wheels of the newest office chair.

The girls rode bikes (Well, bike. We only have one so far, and it's too small for either of them, but it does get a workout!) and played "chess" with the neighbor kid outside for a good part of the afternoon. It looked like the board was set up right, and the one move I saw (a knight) was correctly executed, but I'm not real sure how far beyond that it adhered to standard rules.

In other news, the parrot seems to be entering That Time of the Year, when she pines for company (it's actually quite a good time to get to know her) and, this year anyway, shreds everything she can get her beak on, presumably for nesting fodder. I can't exactly provide her with what she really wants, but I figured I could at least give her a box in which to deposit her newspaper shreds, and maybe even sit in for a while. Well, she loved that. Shredded it into tinier pieces than the newspaper. Twenty-four hours later, I can't even see where it was.

And now we have a Mystery Leak in -- well, under -- the toilet.

See? Scintillating.


The Cunning Runt January 18, 2010 1:51 AM  

You better keep an eye on that parrot while Bob checks out that leak!


The Cunning Runt January 18, 2010 1:53 AM  

P.S., Underdog was my fave!

Along with Super Chicken...

Anonymous January 18, 2010 3:03 AM  

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