Sunday, January 03, 2010


I made Julia´s bag today, almost. The bag part is done, and the strap is made and half topstitched. I took some pictures, but I worked right up until I really really didn´t want to work anymore, and now we´re at the Internet café, briefly, and next we´re taking ourselves out for dinner for having had such a productive day (we installed the second light fixture first thing in the morning, and Bob made TWO of his projects while I worked on the bag), and uploading and editing photos just isn´t in the cards. To say nothing of deciding whether to expose my memory stick (or camera card) to whatever Contagion might be lurking in either this computer or this copy of Internet Explorer. (Three days at the café and I have yet to get a machine with anything but Explorer. BOB, on the other hand, had Firefox the first day and currently has his pick between Firefox and Chrome. Some PEOPLE.)


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