Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Halfhearted post, oh well

I've had a busy day working, trying to get information from a recalcitrant (well, okay, very busy) bus company, spending time with the girls and quilting (not my quilt).

We finally got the dialup from home sorted - after trying a number of things, and downloading new drivers (not from home), and then trying a number of other things - but it's still dialup, so I'm writing this in WordPad for copying and pasting once I connect.

Most people who have put in for DSL say it takes a week or two, so I'm hoping the official month-long wait is more of a worst case scenario than the actual deal.

I also really, really hope they don't suddenly come wanting to install in a week and a half, when Bob and I will be out of town for four days. More about that another day - I'm thinking I may still get another half hour of quilting in before bed, so I'll keep this short for tonight.


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