Sunday, July 26, 2009

Today in things you think you'd be told

Less impressive than last week's, but still.

You'd think, when the mechanic says it'll take half a day to drain the brake fluid, purge and refill the system, and you drop the car off at 10:00 on Saturday morning and the mechanic says they close at 6:00 and to call at 4:00, and you call at 4:30 but can't reach them on the phone, so you walk over and find out they ran into a delay and it's still not ready, but they are, as noted, closing at 6:00 and closed on Sundays so they'll definitely be finishing it that day...I say, in a situation such as that, you'd think someone would also mention that when they have to stay late to finish a car, they simply leave the keys in the gas station office and the customer can, in fact, pick the car up the following day.

Because if they didn't mention a thing like that, a person could walk back over to the shop at 6:00 (with a child in tow both times) so as to arrive at closing time, and end up waiting nearly two hours while they finish the working on the car.

And nobody wants that.


The Cunning Runt July 26, 2009 9:42 PM  

I hate it when that happens... but I'm really very forgiving once I have my car back and it's fully functioning.

Hope you found the situation similarly survivable. ;)

Steve July 29, 2009 6:20 PM  

went through something similar. the car place was across from work and I could see it from my office.
when i called and asked how it was going they said great its in the shop being worked on.
to which my response was "Then how come I can see my car from my office window?"
On the plus side it was moved into the shop pretty quick after that!

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