Saturday, July 25, 2009

New tradition

I felt like making a cake today. When I told the girls, in addition to the obligatory "Yay!", they also asked what the occasion was. Forgetting that today was, in fact, a national holiday, I decided that finishing Harry Potter 3, the book, and watching Harry Potter 3, the movie was a worthy reason to make a cake.

So that's what we did. Robin and I had a math lesson figuring out how to half-again-as-much Sue (then) Benbow's mocha cake recipe, then Julia got to be all Competent With Hot Things On The Stove helping with Beth Oney's Texas Sheet Cake frosting.

The frosting recipe is like four ingredients and two steps, but it still managed to go wrong. Who ever heard of milk, butter and cocoa curdling when you bring it to a boil? But I beat it into submission with a wisk and all was well.

Tomorrow, on to Book 4.


poppy fields July 26, 2009 11:22 AM  

We've been having a Harry Potter movie renting fest in preparation of going to see number 6 in the theaters...Did you know that there is a group called Harry and the Potters...go to You Tube, it's pretty funny music :)

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