Monday, July 20, 2009

Silver lining

So, the kitten is all totally cute and stuff, and learning the house rules very quickly.

She is, however, still learning, with the result that I did rather more laundry this past weekend than I usually do, of a weekend.

Way more, to be honest.

And now every single outfit I own is clean, on this the week that I have to actually look good on two different days, in front of the same group of people.

You see, our company has been invited to give a 20-minute presentation and 10-minute Q&A at a week-long seminar thingy (okay, so I don't remember the official title and can't find it online. It might be "seminar thingy"...) about solar technology at the National University of Costa Rica. I'm supposed to go attend the opening remarks tomorrow so I can scope out the crowd and see how many there are and what sort of atmosphere they're going to be soaking in for the next three days, and stuff like that.

And then I've been elected as the front person for the presentation on the day (which is Thursday) because of my Spanish and because I didn't object violently when they proposed it. My boss & coworker are compiling the information I will be presenting, and there's a more than even chance that my boss will in fact come and, possibly, present it himself anyway.

I'm just glad I have my full wardrobe to choose from. Looking all professional-y, and twice in one week, isn't really my wardrobe's long suit.

So, uh, thanks a lot Raxacoricofallapatorius.


The Cunning Runt July 21, 2009 6:25 PM  

So, no "long suits" in your wardrobe, eh?

He-heh. Good one.

But seriously, good luck with the presentation. I've done passably well with such things, but they scare the bejabbers outta me!

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