Friday, August 14, 2009

The trials and travails of travel and technology (Or an equally catchy title; it's late.)

So Dad arrived safe, sound, on time, and without his luggage yesterday. His first flight was so late they had to hold the second one for him - and they did, but the bags didn't make the cut.

Continental did very well; we got a tracking number for the bags, which came in on their first flight this morning, and were delivered to our door this afternoon (thanks to the help of my neighbor, who I put on cell phone duty while I had to be A) Out of range and B) At the bank.

One of the things Dad was commissioned to bring was a computer that a friend of Bob's has given to us. It seems to be missing a couple of cords here and there, but they'll be easy to pick up tomorrow.

I asked at work about used monitors (since we knew from the outset it wouldn't come with one), and was told about a guy who sells used computer stuff on Craigslist (yup, there's a Costa Rica section on there).

We checked and found that listing, and alongside it was an even better one; someone is selling a monitor, a computer chair (which we were also going to need) and some other things in the next town over from us. They'd only posted the listing last night, and when I called this afternoon they still had everything, so we're going over in the morning and I expect to come home with a flat screen monitor and what looks like a pretty good chair for less than it would have cost to get a new (but poor quality) desk chair and a used (and iffy) CRT monitor.


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