Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sometimes Sunday feels like Friday

Lots of reading this weekend, and two kids over to play at different times. We never did quite manage anything you'd consider an actual Birthday Party, but Julia had a standard party at Alex's before her birthday, and Dad and I went in with a cake to join in the school celebration on her actual birthday, which was Wednesday. And we had a suitably Julia-focused day after school that day. And birthday cupcakes when each of the friends did make it over this weekend (two of the three that were invited, neither of whom actually came on the day we had specified, or at the same time as anyone else). All in all, she seems to feel that the birthday was suitably dispatched - which is nice, because it hasn't always been so for her.

And I'm ready for one of my quiet weeks; the girls have been here for a bit longer than usual, plus (and because of) Dad's visit, so it'll be nice to have a bit of just going to work and coming home and, probably, watching a lot of Dr Who :) We actually have yet to use the new dual-computer room to its fullest potential, but I see quite a bit of that (with accompanying refinements if needed) in the coming week as well.


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