Thursday, August 06, 2009

Cable TV is complimicated

Remember when "eight, seven Central" was as complicated as the TV listings got?

Ads on cable here are more like "21:00 Colombia, 23:00 Chile." The one Julia wants to watch tonight is "7:00 Mexico/Bogota," which appears to be six here. (And then there's the ever-popular "This advertisement valid only in the Republic of Argentina.")

Gotta say, watching long enough to figure out which channel and what time this Naked Brothers Band thing is on tonight (well, okay, and a little longer to get the examples in the previous paragraph) was more than enough to make me glad I don't really watch any TV anymore. All those ads for cheap plastic crap and disturbing TV shows and people doing things that just makes you wonder how they really are - are they okay? Do they really want to be acting this way?

Now, I'm not against TV per se. There are plenty of shows I like. But I'm content to watch some of them online and collect or get temporary access to others on DVD, and simply let the others go. There is just way too much to wade through on regular "turn it on at the time it's on" TV.


Steve August 06, 2009 6:03 PM  

back when i started college and was taking my marketing classes one of the phenoms was people would see a McDonalds in TX from WGN in Chicago and be all pissed off when the Ft Worth McDonalds didn't have the same promotion because they didn't realize they were watching TV based in CHICAGO

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