Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Lunchtime reading

So, the thing about solar technolology is that, while there's new research and cutting-edge stuff going on all the time, the original concepts still hold true, and the simpler systems haven't really changed that much over the years.

Or anyway, so I'm told.

As a result, there are some reference books and magazines around the office that ... well, let's just say they'd be comfortable in the presence of wine and cheese.

Sometimes I forget to bring a book to read, so I poke around the conference room to find something to flip through while I eat my lunch. Given that I'm writing this, and you're reading it, and you're pretty smart and perceptive, I'm sure you've already surmised that today was one of those days.

The magazine was about something sustainable, and it was from 1982. Now, I remember 1982. I don't think of 1982 as the distant past. On the other hand, it has not escaped my notice that people who were born in 1982 are, like, grownups now and stuff. So maybe it was a little while ago.

The teaser on the cover read, "Home Computers: Just how practical?"

It's a whole series of articles, good for any number of lunchtimes' worth of amusement. So far, I've learned that "Most personal computers can hold the equivalent of 16,000 to 48,000 words in their memories."

I'm really looking forward to a section on the next page. The one with the heading, "Are they scary?"


Steve October 06, 2009 7:23 PM  

this needs to be an on going series. perhaps a video type of presentation?

Bob October 06, 2009 9:24 PM  

Two words.

Power Point.

Fran October 07, 2009 4:26 AM  

I read your facebook and blog posts yesterday and now I find this link.

Coincidence? I think not!

Oh, if this computer-thangy is going to be practical, it ought to make me money.

And this post that you have written - that is indeed very sustainable info! Power point it is!

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