Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dear my kids' school: Uncle already

Wow, have a totally fraught day, why don't you?

So it turns out that the pre-registration period for next school year (this one will be over in six weeks) was September 20-25. I'm sure this was on the schedule that was passed out back in January, but that's all we've heard about it. Shockingly enough, not very many parents seem to have contacted the school under their own steam in the September 20-25 period, so now we all get a passive aggressive note sent home that space is limited and would we please let them know if our kids are going to be attending next year.

Now, in theory, sure. We all should have kept up with the calendars and contacted the school to pre-register (a process that involves, in its entirety, the communication of either the word "yes" or the word "no" to the school secretary.) But this is the real world, and beyond that, it's Costa Rica where things change but all the time. I really don't think a quick "remember to let us know" tacked onto one of the other messages they're always sending home would have been amiss.

Then there's the school uniform orders for next year, with no prices listed or due date given, but they still need to know how many of what items we're ordering.

And the always-traumatic recorder. I'd rather not talk about it.

And the homework--a simple drawing--that's somehow the last straw for my usually artistic one.

And the test coming up for the other one and can't I please test her on the parts of the cell? Now? How about now? Maybe now?

And the crowning trauma (this is all a single day's worth, you see): Somehow Robin and two friends missed the call in from recess, and accidentally stayed outside for 30 minutes into class time. Innocent mistake? Selective hearing? Who's to say? But the teacher was Not Amused, and refused to let them back into class when they did show up. They had to sit around outside for the rest of the day, and they each got sent home with a note.


Gabriella Kadar DDS October 14, 2009 6:14 PM  

This is totally off topic,
but can you check something for me since flying to Costa Rica is not on my agenda and I don't know of anyone else there I can ask.

Can you check the table salt you buy at the supermarket for fluoride content? According to information I have, Costa Rica has been fluoridating its salt for quite some time now. There should be about 250 ppm fluoride in salt sold in country. I don't know if Costa Rica has made the selling of fluoridated salt exclusive.

Jamaica has been doing this since 1987 and it has had a tremendous effect on the caries rate. In fact, an entire generation of young adults has grown up without a single cavity or missing tooth. The results have exceeded expectations many fold.

I don't know to what extent canned food or prepared food manufactured elsewhere is consumed in Costa Rica; if expats consume more foods prepared out of country or if they consume most of their prepared foods from in country.

I'm assuming that since dental care for children is heavily subsidized, there are statistics being kept on 'dmf' (decayed/missing/filled) rates for children. However, at this time I have not done any research on epidemiological data from Costa Rica.


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