Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In the market for a vehicle?

This is an initiative of Vokswagen, and watching it this morning improved my day:

(Via everyone on Facebook. Well, some of them got it from me...)

This is an initiative of Toyota, and watching the video is optional:

(Via Shakesville)

The text bits in the video say:
Want to prank a friend?
It's easy.
Tell us a little about them.
Then pick one of our
to mess with their heads
through personalized
for five straight days
while you sit back and watch it all go down.

Which plays out something like this:

Last year, Amber Duick received a series of nine e-mails from a fictitious character dreamed up by the campaign (complete with a MySpace page). The character told Amber he was coming to stay at her house to avoid the cops, and even sent her a motel bill for $78.92.

I can't fathom how that is even legal, much less something that anyone anywhere thought was a good idea or, unfathomablest of all, a plausible way to sell cars.

Yes, they're being sued.

In other news, the guy who put the slashes after the "http://" in web addresses says he's sorry.
(Also via Facebook)

And, Gabi, here's some info for you.
(Via "The awesome boyfriend who took care of my kids this afternoon without loss of life or limb." I believe that is now his full name.)


Gabriella Kadar DDS October 15, 2009 6:34 PM  

Wow! Thank you Jennifer and also thank you to 'the awesome boyfriend'. The CEDROS site contains so much information about what's going on in Latin America, in general.



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