Thursday, June 11, 2009

The crochet bug is back

One of the teachers at the girls' school is teaching some of the kids to crochet, so interest has revived.

Robin and I spent a good chunk of Tuesday evening untangling four skeins of yarn that had mingled, unsupervised, first in a large salad bowl and later on the floor, since last they held anyone's interest.

Robin picked the technique up quickly when I taught her back in January, and is clearly enjoying it now as well. Already this afternoon, she's made several inches of progress on the project she started at school.

Never one to be left out, Julia has started making a crochet chain. It's like twelve feet long, and she's decided she wants to make the longest one in the world. She got me to look up the world's record (cause you know there is one), and it turns out she only has 37.999 miles to go.

Of course, that's just the official record, dating back to 1986. It rather seems that there's a more recent, well-documented if unofficial chain measuring over 80 miles so, naturally, Julia has revised her goal to 1000 miles.


J: Right that it would be possible to make a [chain] that goes all the way around the world?

Me: Well, it would be possible to make a chain long enough to go around the world, but it wouldn't be possible to actually put it there.

J: Shoot.

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