Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Braking news

We went back to the mechanic this afternoon. He drove the car and couldn't really feel the steering issue either, but he agreed that the brakes could use some adjusting, and too look under the front end to see what he could see.

He did find a part (that I didn't know how to say in English at the time, and don't remember how to say in Spanish now) that was quite worn out on both sides, especially the left - which is also the side with a more pronounced lump in the steering. (It's there, I swear it's there. Just because nobody else could feel a thing...) The shop is supposed to call me once they find out how much the parts will cost - it's the part that shall not be named, a bushing and a couple additional things that connect to each, on each side. The labor should run something like $50.

He adjusted the rear brakes as much as he could (and we had them rotate the tires as long as they were all off the car at once). He said (and showed me) that we need to replace the shoes. That was done less than nine months ago, but they're worn out again (it's hilly country here), so replace them we must. He says that vulcanized ones will last longer, grab better and possibly even be cheaper, so we'll get those. However, for that he has to actually take the part in for...I dunno, vulcanizing I guess. So I'll take the car back on Friday and he can take his sweet time with it then. The brake work sounds like it's going to run about $60 all together, and they didn't charge me anything for what they did today, since I'll be back in a couple of days for the bigger job.

I do like a small town.


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