Monday, June 22, 2009

Wow, that's one potent tummy virus

So, I haven't seen the girls for a week. I'm sitting there at work, an hour before quitting time, and I get a call from Julia, who says she's been kept home from school because of vomiting last night. And right then and there, over an hour before I even see her, I start feeling it myself. How suggestible am I?

Fortunately, I'm pretty sure mine is entirely sympathetic, and hers seems to have been of the 24-hour variety because the child has not stopped eating since she got home. She also jumped up every single step when we returned from borrowing something downstairs earlier, and she's currently blazing her Future Overlrod way through Green Eggs and Ham.

I did some preventative laundry this afternoon so if sheets are soiled tonight I'll have clean ones to put on the bed in the morning, but I purely hope they don't because the sheets currently on the bed haven't even been slept on yet.

Oh, and because I hope my child doesn't vomit. In my bed. That too.


Christina June 24, 2009 8:48 AM  

Yeah, they don't tell you about vomit in your bed when they're handing out those "Babies are SOOOOO Cute!!!" brochures, now do they?

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