Saturday, April 04, 2009

Like the box says: Real Brothers, Real Music, Not Really Naked.

Okay, so we saw the Naked Brothers Band movie, and I'm of two minds. It's a mockumentary about a kids' rock band. And by "kids" I mean younger than my kids - most of the band members are nine, and one is six.

I was pretty turned off at first by all the cutesy ways the kids, especially the six year old, played out adult stereotypes of rock musicians, especially since it was juxtaposed with stereotypically little kid behaviors like giggling at references to bodily functions and burping the alphabet.

The whole soda addiction/rehab bit aside*, we have a six year old coming on to a leggy, curvy, scantily dressed full-grown woman. She humors him in a little-boy way, but it's just skeevy to see this tiny kid parroting this "she's my girlfriend" stuff because it's his role, when he's clearly way too young to see this woman as anything other than a mother figure.

Toss in a few gratuitously horrid female characters, including an actual catfight, and I was pretty turned off by the first half of the thing.

Then it turned half decent and had an actual nice ending. Go figure.

And the music CD is quite a lot nicer than some of the other music the kids are into these days.

Tonight a friend is over and she brought Spirit (remember Spirit?), but it won't play in my computer. So they're watching the buxom, sex-starved tree instead.

Ah, children's entertainment.

* And by the way, no parent in the history of ever is going to buy a six year old going on a lemon-lime soda bender and sleeping as a result. Seriously, did nobody involved in the production of this movie have kids?


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