Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Just as I suspected

I "need glsses" in the sense that they'll probably reduce eye strain and headaches (which I don't consciously experience), and I suspect I'll see a difference in my vision as well. But I don't "need glasses" in the sense that the optometrist looked all shocked or lectured me like dentists do.

We actually only went in to Asembis to make appointments for eye exams, but the receptionist said if we could wait half an hour, they could see us both that same day.

We did have half an hour, and they saw us in less than that anyway. And they had Will & Grace on in the waiting room, so we were hardly going to complain.


Eye exams are frequently, including yesterday, two for the price of one. Half price is always nice. Turns out it was optometry, not ophthalmology (which I do eventually need) that we were getting apointments for, but the doctor had all the fancy machines, including my favorite, a cute little thing on her desk that read the prescription in Bob's current glasses as a starting point for his exam.

All for $3. Well, you know. $1.50 each, what with the special.

(I got a referral for the ophthalmologist's appointment I need, which will be much more expensive - about $30.)

For the glasses, we're going to give Zenni Optical a try. Eight dollar glasses, anyone?


Dad April 07, 2009 7:48 PM  

Now you KNEW I'd comment on this, didn't you? :)

Interesting package deal. Optometrist, then opthamologist, then off-shore optian.

I've gone only to an optometrist for years. She has all the fancy equipment, including what's needed to test for glaucoma, and can tell if anything warrants a referral to an MD.

And she charges a bit more than $3.00/$1.50, too. About $90, as I recall, though Medicare and other insurance cover most of it. My last glasses, which were trifocals, cost about $350. (It would be almost as cheap to come there.)

Is the referral to an opthamologist routine, as opposed to something they found?

The Cunning Runt April 07, 2009 9:24 PM  

You're lucky you don't live in some wuss country where the goddam SOCIALISTS are trying to cheat you out of the finest eye care lots and lots and LOTS of money can buy!

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