Friday, April 17, 2009

I swear, these children expect to be fed every. single. day. And then again the next morning!

Hmmm. My big casserole plans are failing to implement themselves without my help. Something about not going to the store for additional ingredients, and letting it get too late to start something that has to be cooked twice.

So we'll have Ramen & hot dogs tonight (down from Snoopy sandwiches, because Julia's agin' them right now).

Which, of course, also involves a trip to the store, but a lot less messing about once we've been & gone.

In fact, in the time it took to write this (Well, okay. In the time it took to start this, then come back to it), the whole thing has been accomplished! Everyone's fed!

No big weekend plans - thought I might get the girls to help wash the car, and Bob read my mind about seeing if he could fix the car radio, which will be great if it works. Maybe some sort of small outing if anything occurs to us.

And now it's Harry Potter 2 time. Happy Friday to one and all.


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