Thursday, April 09, 2009

Progress report

We had the glasses ordered by 10:00 a.m. I got these in black for the office--they're regular metal frames--and these in silver for home--they're memory titanium and likely to be more forgiving of the sorts of things that can happen to glasses around children.

Bob got two of these, one in black with clear lenses and one in blue with 80% tint for sunglasses. His are memory titanium too, what with the possibility of getting work in a carpentry shop and stuff.

Anti-glare coating on all four pairs, clip on sunglasses for me, and shipping (to my friend's Florida address that forwards to Costa Rica (we'll have to pay a few dollars in duty, but it's based on size & weight, so glasses shouldn't be too expensive), and the whole order came to $75. The site came highly recommended by another blogger; I'm sure you'll be hearing from us one way or the other a couple of weeks from now.

We also got the bed to the next stage, and that should be finished tomorrow. Then we can take it upstairs, put my (new!) mattress on top, and then begin to reassemble my shamblefied bedroom. I found out where I can order more of the plastic joints for the wireframe shelving, but we'll need to reassemble at least part of it before then, just to get the room habitable again.

We may yet watch one of the Harry Potter movies this evening, and we have played some cards, but I opted not to rebuild my repuation (of being "pretty good at cards") just yet. I'll get him when his guard is down, is what it is.

We're going out to an Easter potluck at Rita's tomorrow, and we'll probably take the day trip on Saturday.

So, all in all, the holiday is moving along nicely.


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