Thursday, April 02, 2009

Be careful out there, y'all

So, it's not a full moon and Mercury's not in retrograde, but you couldn't prove it by my office printer and Rasheed breaking a finger at school today and...well, me rear-ending a guy on the way home from work today (and then nearly getting sideswiped by one of the other parents picking kids up at the girls' school 20 minutes later).

Happily, I was able to cash in a good number of karma points (and it was at a stop sign, so there was no velocity involved), and when the other driver and I got out, he peered and rubbed at the scraped-but-not-dented marks on his bumper, shrugged, smiled, and drove off. All with no words exchanged and without putting down his sandwich.

I love people.

My bumper is way-scraped-but-not-dented and I was only 10 minutes late to pick the kids up (that's five kids today - two of my personal ones and three friendly interlopers). And I was already headed to being at least 5 minutes late to begin with.

Note to self: Begin building the karma back up soonest.*

* Having two children taking recorder lessons at school instead of just the one...that counts for something, right?


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