Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bed in a bag

So, not everyone takes naturally to the "dig around in a haystack-sized mound of stuff on the floor" method of shopping, but it works for me.

We went over to the local thrift store yesterday afternoon in search of queen-sized bedding, and came away with:

  • A king-sized mattress pad
    ...But one of those nice ones with the elastic extending down the entire vertical side, and in really good condition. I hope I can tuck the extra 16" in at the bottom or somewhere, because I really wanted a mattress pad for my new mattress.

  • Two fitted sheets
    One is queen sized and what I thought was your basic K-mart quality, but upon washing it actually has a pretty nice feel to it. It's beige.
    The other is knit (like a t-shirt) and purple, with no label. I tried to measure it at the store, but the fabric is stretchy, so it's hard to tell. I hope it'll fit.

  • Three flat sheets
    One is purple, so duh. And the other two are white, but much better quality than the sort of sheets I would otherwise acquire. One of them feels just like the older-than-God high thread-count percale sheets my grandmother used to put on the fold-away mattress I would sleep on on the floor of her bedroom when we visited them in the Olden Days.

  • Two eclectically-matched pillowcases
    By which I mean they're surprisingly similar shades of lavender, although one is a t-shirt knit and the other is regular woven sheet fabric.

  • One pillow.
    I know, but it looks (and smells) just fine, and I sometimes come up a pillow short when we have company.
All for $30-ish. I'm pleased.


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