Friday, March 06, 2009

In which I surrender to the inevitable

I finally broke down and let Julia rent Harry Potter today. We just started the third book this week, and they keep asking to see the movies, but I keep telling them that reading about scary things is different than seeing movies with scary stuff in them.

I saw HP1 when I was in NC this Christmas, and there's only one part that really made me go "hmmmm," so I guess we'll decide about future ones based on how this one goes over. (And based on me watching them first, particularly if any future neighbor of mine brings his DVDs when he comes, ahem.)

So, I rented it. Getting it to play on my computer was a whole nother issue, what with the "This DVD is coded for Region 4" this and the "Please install the InterActual Player" that.

Looked up the InterActual player on the Wiki and no, we won't be installing that, thankyouverymuch.

I did finally get it to play almost as well as DVDs normally play on my computer, which is to say, well enough to satisfy the children and not-well enough to irk me.

Then one of the neighbor kids came over carrying a bunny and asking Julia to go play, so we'll watch the rest of it (or, more likely, start it over) sometime this weekend. Which will also save me the "you watched it without me??!?" that I was pretty much expecting when Robin gets back from her friend's house later on.


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