Sunday, March 08, 2009

How I spent $25 and change on our walk into town this morning

The farmer's market is held on Sunday mornings on two blocks in the middle of town, and we went over there, along with some other errands this morning. Here's how we made out:

Grocery store

  • 4 rolls TP (the fancy Scott plus-mega-aloe kind, with free sample of some kind of moist Kleenex product)
  • 1 bag sunflower seeds (pet food)
  • 1 bag peanuts in the shell (also for the bird)

    ¢2410 ($4.20)

Stationery store
  • 1 photocopy
  • 1 plain white envelope
  • 1 plastic compass (the kind for drawing circles)

    ¢330 ($0.58)

On the street
We ran into the mother & sister of some kids who go to the girls' school. They keep goats and sell goat's milk products at the farmer's market. She was already packing up to leave, but was glad to sell us:
  • 1 small piece homemade goat cheese

    ¢1500 ($2.65)

Farmer's market, fish tank stand
  • 1 rustic but custom made turtle tank, ordered last week

    ¢2000 down payment (actually, I paid that last week)
    ¢1500 balance paid today
    ¢200 (two extra bags of rocks)

    ¢3700 ($6.55)

Farmer's market, insanely cheap and poor quality shoes section
  • 2 pairs Croc knock-offs because OMG my children never have anything but their school shoes to put on their feet after school.

    ¢6000 ($10.60)

Farmers market, the guy in the cowboy hat's stand
  • 1 bag of 20 tiny mandarin oranges, recommended by the goat cheese person

    ¢500 ($0.88)


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