Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gimme four

Yes, it's Elmo, but don't show it to your kids or you will be explaining All. Day. Long.

And for the love of all that is good and pure, if you show it to my kids--you all there who have them right now (*waves*)--then you can do the explaining. I had to watch it six times to get that one line toward the end there* but I'm willing to bet good money they'll understand it right off the bat because teh childrens, they has good hearing and a thirst for knowledge.

* The line in question being, of course, "Do you know what 'necrophilia' means?"

(Hat tip to Liss at Shakesville)


Steve March 12, 2009 7:08 PM  

noncat seemed amused by it!

ouyangdan March 13, 2009 6:36 AM  


I can't even play that b/c I don't want to have that conversation right now...and I usually try to be as honest and forthcoming w/ the info as possible...

Nope, not gonna do it!

Jennifer March 13, 2009 6:39 AM  

Oh, me too.

You might be able to get away with something general like "it's funny because we're used to seeing Elmo doing kids' things and this time he's being silly in a more grownup way."

But, if The Kid picks up on "necrophilia" or "Holocaust", that's pretty much that.

Dad March 14, 2009 5:55 AM  

I believe we'll pass this time. Said kids are doing fine, but there's not been any free time.

Especially for something that may (will?) require lots of explanations, and "Ask your mother..." would be cruel since they won't see you for four more days.

But I do plan to listen to it when the opportunity arises.


Erin March 16, 2009 1:02 PM  

Heh. I watched it and Emily came and sat next to me and watched the tail end of it. She didn't catch/understand many of the jokes so I wasn't too worried.

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