Saturday, November 08, 2008

Guess so

A few minutes ago, I suddenly remembered that I either dreamed about or was woken up by a small earthquake/tremor.

I either lay there remembering or dreamed that I was explaining to someone else that this is the time of year for it - I've had people argue the point with me, but I think the changing of the seasons brings them on. If geological forces are going to be affected by anything, it makes sense to me that major shifts in pressure and weather systems would do it.

Plus, I've never actually looked it up, but I think I've heard and/or observed that this is, anecdotally, when we get the most activity - November-ish and April-ish, when we transition between the rainy & dry seasons.

One of the national universities has a volcanological and seismological observatory (the observation points are all over the country, of course, but the organization itself is actually right here in town), so I looked up their website to see if there was any sort of ongoing or real-time information.

There sure is.

Here's the reading for Heredia, from 6:00 yesterday evening to right now. Apparently I had that dream at approximately 1:44:30 a.m.

Science is cool.


Christina November 09, 2008 1:09 AM  

You like math AND science?

Definitely not a girl. Nope. Biologically impossible. ;)

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