Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas pictures

Robin with the grown-up-looking rings from her stocking

Checking to see if Santa ate the cookies.

This in a household that has always explained that Santa is a story, but where we were reminded eleventy-six times to leave cookies for Santa, and not to eat them ourselves.

When we did, and we didn't, and the cookies were still there in the morning, they told each other "He must have been full from eating cookies at all those other houses."

This is the nativity scene that Alex won in a silent auction at the girls' school. The kids in Robin's class all helped make and paint the different figures.

There were lots of other crafts for sale, and a few up for auction, but this set was the piece de resistance. The sale was to raise funds for the end-of-year trip.

I didn't even know Alex had placed a bid until they announced that he had won it. His bid was for about $15.

I had my doubts at first, but the little guys grew on me once we got them home. I especially like the bug-eyed wise man on the right. He may get a special portrait taken before the season is out.

Julia with her frog & piggy puppets. My favorite part is the way the t-shirt (which is mine) puddles around her and makes it look like she's just kind of sprouted up out of the floor tile.

Self portrait while talking to Lisa

EvilDemonicBabyDoll is impressive, but I'm still not sure it rivals The Gloria (TM) Happy Hour Play Set of 2004.

My Holiday wish to you: May each of you have someone in your life who will give you such a gift as this [or its equivalent if you're one of those non-chocolate people]. Thanks Mom!


Anonymous December 27, 2006 2:37 AM  

Feliz Navidad!?
It looks like you had a very happy Christmas, my oldest daughter is drooling over your chocolate, and I like you hair!

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