Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The cornstarch, she is a mystery

Somebody gave me a jar of peanut butter recently and rather than just feeding it to the kids, I decided to make peanut butter cookies. I went online and found a recipe for "The Whole Jar of Peanut Butter" cookies, which sounded about right.

I haven't made them yet.

Alex heard about the impending cookies and said kind of wistfully that he likes oatmeal cookies, you know. So fine. It's Christmas. I'll make those too. Now it turns out that he also likes Mom's apple crisp. I'm still trying to convince him that Red Delicious apples aren't really the way to go with that, but it's an uphill battle because we have a bunch of them already--and got them for free--making it hard for him to understand why we might need to buy even more apples to make the crisp.


Yesterday we were at the store and did manage to come home with the key ingredient tying all of these various endeavors together: lots and lots of flour.

So today I'm home alone, having read all my favorite blogs, and figure it would be nice to go ahead and make one of the various planned confections. I got an oatmeal cookie recipe online (allrecipes.com will never fail you) and headed down to the kitchen.

This recipe happens to include ground cloves, which is not a normal part of our life, but which Alex bought yesterday on a whim, saying he wanted to put it in his coffee. Uh, whatever.

I printed out the recipe and got out the ingredients, but couldn't find the cloves. I knew I'd seen them someplace strange after we got home yesterday, but a search of the kitchen (all the way down to the bottom of the massive, impractical plastic bucket that serves as our pantry), Alex's office and even the bedroom turned up nothing. I had just dialed the last digit of Alex's cell phone number when I saw the flat little packet in the very spot it had been sitting yesterday when it first imprinted itself on my subconscious: under the coffee table in the living room.

Of course.

As for the title of this post, while not particularly relevant to the story here, it is about cooking and trying new recipes, and it will make Lisa laugh. So that makes it a good title.


Laylabean December 19, 2006 5:43 PM  

I normally stand firmly by my policy that if it isn't chocolate, it isn't a dessert, but oatmeal cookies sound really good right now. How did they turn out? Peanut butter cookies always seem like a good idea to me but by the time I've finished making them, I'm so sick of the smell of peanut butter that I can't enjoy them. I hope you have better luck than I usually do.

And you're right, red delicious apples in apple crisp? Not so much.

lisa December 19, 2006 11:18 PM  

I'm not fussy about apples that way. I would have made the crisp with them.

But yes, the title got me. Actually, I was starting to read it and thought, cornstarch...this'll be good and then went and did a bunch of receipts/Quicken stuff and saved the blog as a treat for when I finished. Then I got so engrossed in your story, I forgot about the cornstarch and had to scroll back up to see what you were referring to.

But a mystery she is.

Dad December 20, 2006 5:58 AM  

Will the rest of us mortals ever get to know why "cornstarch" is mysterious?

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