Thursday, August 04, 2005

Something old and something new

OLD: Just before we left for the U.S., my parrot quilt was on display at the Costa Rican-North American Cultural Center (along with the other 57 entries in the Shapes and Colors of Costa Rica exhibit: photos of all the quilts are now online). Mine is in the center of the top row. I thought it was nice that they grouped all the bird quilts together (Not that you can tell from this photo, but all the top ones are birds, and all the bottom ones are related to coffee growing/harvesting.)

Outside the cultural center, the girls wanted to play around a large sculpture that I thought was a pair of candles. When I stepped back to get a picture that showed the whole thing, I realized it was a 9/11 memorial.

NEW: While we were away, construction did begin on the lot directly behind (north of) ours, as planned.

When we left, the couple building off our north-east corner said they hoped to move in sometime in July, but it's apparently not quite done yet. The adjoining house (for members of the same family) won't be finished for some time.

Also new, but not pictured: the lot on our east side is owned by a family with three children. The daughter is planning to begin her house in December. While we were gone, they fenced in the lot and put in some kind of plant all the way around.


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