Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Robin's Take

After first day:

J: What was the thing you liked the most?
R: There were lots of children who wanted to be my friend.
J: Was there anything you didn't like so much?
R: Let's see. Things I didn't like so much.
(J: Uh-oh. Plural.)
R: Things I didn't like so much. Things I didn't like. Hey, what's that thing?

After second day:

R: So...what?
J: What?
R: You're supposed to ask me.
J: Oh, okay. So..how did it go?
R: Nope, that's not it.
J: Umm, did you make more new friends?
R: Yes I did, but that's not the question.
J: Uhh, did you like the swimming?
R: Not so much.
J: You didn't like it so much, or that's not the question?
R: I didn't like it so much...
(J: Oh well. Not like it's obligatory.)
R: ...I looooved it!
J: Ahh.

Unfortunately, I she may not get to have the third day...at least not tomorrow. She played with her cousin-who-I-later-discovered-had-a-hacking-cough for most of the day on Saturday, and by bedtime that same day she was clearing her throat a lot. On Sunday she was hoarse, and Monday morning she woke up with the cough and slight sore throat. I warned the school people, but they shrugged it off: their policy extends to fevers and diarrhea, but she wasn't even coughing by the time we got there. Today she was about the same (and didn't miss swimming). Now she's got a low fever and a light rash over her trunk and, for the first time, doesn't feel well.

Julia says her neck hurts (sore throat) and tries valiantly to cough, but she's not very convincing.


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