Tuesday, August 09, 2005


When we got home from school today there was a nurse from the local public health clinic outside the gate. She was here to check whether the kids had been taking anti-parasite medication. They hadn't, so she gave me some (chewable tablets, saints be praised) and left the second dose, to be taken in six months. (Note to self: February 9...)

She verified that their vaccinations were up to date, but also said both girls are due for their next series on their next birthdays - next week for Julia. Fortunately this time I'll be able to do it when Robin's at school, so I'll have complete control over the propaganda that precedes it. Also, she asked when I had last had a tetanus shot, and since it was over 10 years ago she went ahead and gave me one, right there in my living room. This too was lucky, since it was in the arm, like Julia's will be. She even gave me an appointment for a pap smear next week.

I'd hesitate to go through the public healthcare system for a lot of things, but this local clinic sure puts a lot of effort into basic prevention.


Sandy August 10, 2005 7:07 PM  

I sure hope you don't have to have the pap smear at your house! :-)

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