Thursday, August 04, 2005

Kitty business

Never having had a litter-trained cat before, I really didn't know how much litter to leave. I filled the box generously and left two smallish, unopened bags.

Elberth had never had a litter-trained cat either. When I got back to the country (but not yet the house), I asked if there had been enough for the five-week trip. "Sure," he said. "Never even had to change it." Umm.

He did apparently scoop it at least. And, you know, could have been a lot worse. The cat seemed glad to see us.


Lisa August 04, 2005 10:46 AM  

I hope it was at least the fancy flowerdy clumping kind. Because let me tell you, the cheap clay kind? It suffers with time.

Jennifer August 04, 2005 8:20 PM  

Flowerdy, no. Clumping, yes. Fancy, no. Clay, yes. Cheap, no.

It definitely smelled different in here, but no so so sooo badly different as you'd think. I was even able to partly think that just having someone different living here, cooking different (greasier) food than I do was part of it.

I mean, don't get me wrong. Windows were opened. Suitcases were left just inside the door while the litterbox was emptied, disinfected, dried & reinstated. But it was much more the principal, and much less the squick of the thing, than I expected. Like I said, he apparently removed the actual artifacts, and just left, well, the clumps.

The way it smelled once I started prying it out to throw away...THAT was what I thought the whole house was going to smell like when I heard it had never been changed.

And, I think, that is all I have to say about that.

Sandy August 07, 2005 7:52 PM  

welcome home. I'm glad you made it home safe and sound. Are you there to stay a while? By the way, I haven't had cats in my house for about a year and it still stinks like used cat litter when I walk in the house after it's been closed up a while. I used the expensive clumping kind too. :-O

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