Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Party "Buts"

So the party went well overall. But...I think Julia would have enjoyed it more if it had been smaller and more organized. There really wasn't much attention actually paid to her - it was all about going through the motions of getting people fed, again and again. First the meal, then the cones, then the cake...

Before the party she kept saying she didn't want so-and-so, or so-and-so's kids, to come. And it's not like she ever plays with them or knows them all that well, but I couldn't think of any other way to have a party for her...and by then it was too late even if we had had a better idea.

She wasn't unhappy during the party, but she did remain within 12" of my hip most of the time, and insisted that there was to be no singing or clapping when we did the cake, so I think the adults found that to be a bit anticlimactic. The cake had already been seen and admired, so all I did was light the candles, bring it over to the table, and have her blow them out. Then we took it back and served it up. Very quiet.

She did have fun with the bubbles and the goody bags, etc. But really it could have been nicer for her. Again, maybe next year.


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