Tuesday, July 01, 2008

News from the commuter lane

The car seems to be pretty happy with the new muffler. And with the brake fluid I added yesterday. And with the super gasoline in its tank.

It does feel and sound better - now I just need to see how the mileage compares. For a car with such a great reputation for fuel economy, it sure wasn't getting very far on the gas. I'm optimistic that I'll see a difference now, though.

Also, new traffic restrictions that went into effect last week have made a huge difference in the rush hour traffic. What is generally a 40-minute drive, and was up to a solid hour early last week, is now pretty much a half hour. At least for these first couple of weeks while they're enforcing the restrictions (approximately 500 citations issued each rush hour so far - that's 1000 a day). Once they stop writing tickets, traffic will go back to normal.


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